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CVS goodness.

So we started working with a CVS for this project I’m working on. I’ve read about it before and know that its super cool, but hadn’t had a chance to really see whats up with it. Until now…

CVS allows for the tracking of all sorts of changes to code. Working on a webserver is super cool for allowing others to quickly see how things are going and to see how it actually runs through a browser. Working with CVS requires that everyone have a local webserver running and going from there.

Using eclipse and the team sync modes allows me to create a project and others to quickly pull it down and start working. I was amazed at how easy it was to get that setup and get others started on the project. It was a little odd to figure out how the update thing worked, but without reading a manual it worked out pretty awesome. I’m sure as we continue working with it we will find even better ways to integrate it.

Props to our tech dudes for setting up the CVS server, I would have liked to see a subversion server instead, but this is awesome to start out with. I also hear that you can upgrade from a CVS to subversion management system. I’m also curious to see how the finder/explorer integration toolsets are for CVS/Subervion integration.

On a personal note, as I develop my own generic libraries I’m looking to use subversion to keep track off all the class changes. It will also provide one centralized place for all my classes, so that where ever I am I can always pull down my core classes.

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