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FDT rocks my face off.

Working on flash projects is cool and all, but working with the IDE is crap for coding.

I work on a mac at home and at work, but sometimes switch to a pc. Its alright to have a development system for each platform, but it would be nice to have one awesome system that’s cross platform. I was working with eclipse for a long time and using ASDT to manage my flash projects. There are a few problems that ASDT just doesn’t cover.

FDT is the answer to make flash rock. It makes programming oop style with classes THE way to develop hardcore flashness.

So I work with a bunch of different people and one one project I found myself working closely with a dotnet programmer on a flash/dotnet/remoting app. I saw the dotnet development app and the more I saw of it.. the more I drooled over it. There were a ton of awesome features.

  • The rollover to reveal more information about a class, or about a user defined variable type.
  • Code completion of defined types and code completion of user defined classes.
  • Advanced code folding.
  • Integrated help features panel.
  • Package management.
  • Multiple package hierarchy views.
  • Type hierarchy view to locate all the places that use a specific class.
  • Quick outline.
  • Project management.
  • CVS, SVN integration, exploration, history(though eclipse)
  • Complete search abilities on all granular levels.

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