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Using an adserver for a project part 1.

I’m working on a project with some smart people. Looks like we are going to use an ad server of some sort to deliver internal promotions. They will end up functioning like advertisements, only ads within the site. A few interesting parts is getting it working within a multilingual authoring environment with region specific content.

It appears that openads may just be the system that gets used. There was another alternative, but it seemed a little shifty, especially for the scope we need it for.

No matter how you slice it adding an additional ad/promotion across multiple languages and regions is going to add a bunch of work to manage all of those ads. Interesting how it provides some reports to dig deeper into how many times an ad is seen.

It will be interesting to set up campaigns and set them up to show only for specific days. This kind of system will allow us to setup variable content ahead of time for deployment on a time sensitive schedule.

I’m curious to see how the html ad type is used to embed a swf into a page. I suppose systems like these are used across large sites for delivering ads, including flash ads. The next thing will be to see what it takes to embed region, language, and additional variables into the flash object

I set up some test files and we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

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