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A new release of eclipse has come out: Europa. Check out more information about the new release, and common plugins that I’m using these days. One of the new cool things that the Europa initiative is that they worked to make sure that 21 other plugins all had upgrades at the same time. There’s also currently 5 podcasts with some of the lead developers on some of those 21 projects. I tend to start with the PDT all in one package. It comes with a pretty awesome XML editer as well, I don’t seem to need XMLBuddy any more, maybe if I start working more with XSLT. Add some FDT for flash development. Add some subclipse for subversion integration. I was looking at some other plugins that I’m thinking of looking into. VSS. A UML2 tool or maybe eUML2. RDT has potential. I’m interested in looking at what mylyn can provide for bug tracking. Other fun things. Columns. RSS viewer. Anyedit adds some new cool functionality.

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Nate is currently a Senior Presentation Layer Architect at Razorfish Chicago. As an SPLA Nate: participates in technology leadership team and resource allocations, manage fulltime and contractor resources, represents technology for groups of brands across multiple clients, furthers development of standards within the office, architects project implementations and fosters community and mentoring.

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