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Integration of 3rd party tools

I was reading the book “Getting Real” from 37 signals and saw a quote from the guys that made campaign monitor. It seems like a really cool application. Recently I find myself in the midst of the question build or buy when it comes to client apps. Its interesting to experience creating systems no longer completely from scratch, but rather to integrate one or more solid systems that already exists. I’ve recently thought a bunch about third party tools integration. Look at google analytics. Look at basecamp. Look at campaign monitor. Sure they all seem like things that I could build they seem awfully simple. Simple by definition. There’s a ton of stuff going on there, but its simple to use. Integrating third party tools can take a lot of work, learning overhead. How can I decide if this tool is worth learning? Looking at the Getting Real book makes a bunch of sense. If it looks complicated then integrating it is going to be complicated. In the meantime I’m going to keep my eyes open for clear api’s and third party tools that seem simple to integrate.
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