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Mini MXNA swf application and the mobile MXNA.

As a fan of MXNA and mobile technology I’m very curious to try out: minimxna. I’ll do a review next time I’m near some bluetooth and see how it rocks. MXNA or rather AXNA is pretty awesome and seems to perform pretty well when you think about how much work is happening to pull a bunch of information. When accessed via cell wireless without any images it still seems to be a hog. Out of the 192 kb for a specific page of 10 results it seems to include 44 kb for both google analytics and omniture analytics. and only 64 kb of actuall html markup. I was thinking man wouldn’t it be cool if there was a mobile version. Bam. It already exists. Thats awesome because I was using google rss for reading mxna on my phone. so much lighter. It weighs in at a massive 4kb. I can’t wait to get that hooked up as a phone bookmark. I’ll update with more information on the two additional ways of accessing MXNA after I try them out.
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