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Web 2 and identity.

There’s a ton of hype over social communities these days. It seems to only be getting a bigger bandwagon. You’ve probably already have your flickr account. Potentially have a youtube account. Tom over at myspace has lots of friends, but is getting lonely now that you have a set of blogger, wordpress, movable type, typepad blogs. The old .mac account is getting rusty, but thats ok. Its delicious to keep your bookmarks all in one place. You’ve probaby digg‘d it before, and tag clouds are nothing new to you. Get a pownce account, an instant messenger on crack (powered by Adobe AIR) Publish a twitter stream of consciousness and let your friends know. Its even possible that with wakoopa you are sharing what programs you are using down to the minute. In an age where identity theft is such a high worry, it a wonder that so many people are volunteering information. I guess it might make sense to watch what information you volunteer.
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Nate is currently a Senior Presentation Layer Architect at Razorfish Chicago. As an SPLA Nate: participates in technology leadership team and resource allocations, manage fulltime and contractor resources, represents technology for groups of brands across multiple clients, furthers development of standards within the office, architects project implementations and fosters community and mentoring.

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