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FF2007: day 1: Wednesday Keynote.

Just had the Wednesday keynote with Kevin Lynch. Nothing gets you pumped up about flash than hearing about it from the source. They discussed the massive improvements of the new flash player, the incorporation of the H.264 codec. Real HD video and hardware support. They discussed the endeavors Adobe is taking to make everything opensourced. Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship showed the HBO voyeur piece. It’s impressive, I’ve seen it before. but it was cool to hear about their implementation using papervision for the city scape. The loading strategy for all the video seems like it would be pretty intense, unless it was treated as one large video. (It ended up being a a single 56mb video, 5minutes) They discussed the AIR platform and how bad-ass that is. Real-time editing of images, audio mixing, and output of those files. There was a cool streaming audio player and a real time document editor. I see one of the next things AIR developers are going to see as a headache are picking apart file formats, or coming up with their own formats for saving a production file. Saving out an mp3 or a jpg is hot, but you need to be able to come back and edit. Perhaps we’ll see the further emergence of open file standards. Seems like these are some examples, perhaps more real applications would utilize that kind of system. Some of the applications were previously unreleased.

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