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Tip for searching pv3d help.

If you are interested in adding papervision3d to your project like us you’ll find that there is a little missing in the documentation. Why because they are so active in making improvements its hard to keep valid documentation up to date.

Ok, so the documentation is sometimes a little sketchy, or a little old, or nonexistent. How do you get help? Sign up for the papervision newsletter. I’d select the daily digest that compacts the emails into larger emails that have multiple responses. Make sure you have plenty of inbox space and a filter to folder it because man it gets a lot of traffic. I feel a bit silly asking a question I’m sure has been asked before and generating even more traffic through everyone’s inboxes. I find that this little tip very handy.

Thanks to google you can use the site specific search function to limit your search to just the papervision archive. You can also use this to same search syntax to perform sub searches of any domain. Those google guys are always thinking(of course this has been around for quite some time).

Bookmark this specific google query that will start you out searching the entire archive. Then add additional elements in the search box, space delimited of course, and you’re off and running. No more sifting though pages and pages of countless papervision digests of emails.

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