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TUIO flash libraries.

There are two mainstream AS3 libraries for interpreting TUIO protocol data and making use of it within flash. Here’s a look at some of their details.

One of the most common libraries is from bubblebird.

This library has several great features:

  • An easily configurable debug tool that allows one to visually see the touch data being presented.
  • Robust connector encapsulation. The library comes with TCP, UDP and LC connectors; as well as the interfaces for one to define their own connector in case the need arises.
  • Support for TUIO cursors and objects.
  • The ability to dispatch native flash mouse events from the scope of the target of the touch event (this is very flexible as one can easily test with a mouse even if a touch device/emulator isn’t available).
  • The ability to dispatch native flash touch events from the scope of the target of the touch event.
  • A gesture library that comes with several standard gestures as well as advanced gestures. It also allows one to extend a gesture to make additional gestures.

Another library is the GestureWorks gesture library.

  • It has a multitude of gestures to choose from, including symbol, number, letter and multi-finger gestures.
  • Free to try(limited run time of 1 hour), single user (no time limit) and site wide licensing. The cost for the software is a bit much for a single lone developer, but on any client project the price will be well worth the payoff of time spent creating the gestures.
  • A pretty robust set of documentation, tutorials and manual.
  • We’ve read about it, but haven’t played with it yet.
  • Supposed to have built-in TUIO connection.

One thing to note is that some gateways/bridges send TUIO data over binary while others send it in a human readable format, this is important when reviewing the different bridges available for the AS3 TUIO library that one selects for their project.

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