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IE7 IE8 PNG gradient on pages with flash

We ran into an issue where in internet explorer 7 and internet explorer 8, that on pages that contained flash and had PNGs that we used as background images for divs. Instead of being a consistent repeat of the transparent color there was an odd linear gradient or radial gradient from the color in the PNG; located in the upper left corner of the element to completely transparent the further the distance from the top left corner.

On pages where flash was not initially loaded, but then is written to the page later after page load the PNGs appeared correctly at first, but as soon as a flash element is loaded the same issue presents itself.

There’s a solution on this forum.

He presents that the problem is only when the background image is over flash, but from what I’ve seen it also happens when the SWF is over the content.

The solution worked with flash player 10.0 and no special wmodes.

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