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Flex and Stage3D/StageVideo/StageWeb

Recently we worked on creating an actionscript project that used the Molehill APIs through Stage3D. The actionscript project needed to be converted to an AIR application for various reasons. The simplest way was to create an additional project that would just load the original project, this would allow us to continue to change the initial application and drop in new files on the single machine we needed to run the application for testing.

In doing this we noticed that none of the stage3d content appeared; also there were no errors. Oddly enough, when we went fullscreen sometimes we would see a flash of the stage3d content.

Through some forum threads we found it was a rather simple issue. Flex apps have a background color attribute, at some point they create a sprite that sits behind everything and resizes with the stage. As all stage3d stage video and stage web content sits on the lowest level possible, it was covered up the stage3d content.

If you set the backgroundAlpha property to 0, stage content will shine right through.

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