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AIR with native extensions for desktop apps.

Recently we’ve been looking into the great things that have been coming out of the as3nui team.

Most of the development team is running OS X, but we do have some production boxes for interactive experiences that are Win 7. We recently worked to take something with as3nui created on Lion to get it deployable on the PC side of things.

When we exported a release build as a signed native installer we were hoping to test the installer executable on the test box, we found a DMG containing an app installer for OS X, but no MSI or executable for windows.

From Adobe’s help

You must use ADT on the same operating system as that of the native installer file you want to generate. So, to create an EXE file for Windows, run ADT on Windows. To create a DMG file for Mac OS, run ADT on Mac OS. To create a DEB or RPG file for Linux, run ADT from the AIR 2.6 SDK on Linux.

This means that you’ll need both a PC and a MAC to do the exporting of the platform for each, possibly utilizing ant build scripts to help in automation of this process.

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