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Google Analytics, reporting in real time.

Google announced back in September that they were releasing a new beta program that allows you to see analytics requests happening in real time.

There’s some great tools out there that have been used in the past; Firebug(mac/pc), Charles(mac/pc), Fiddler(pc) to name a few. This is great especially for developers and analytics testers because they can confirm that the tags are working and tracking correctly without waiting past midnight for the information to update. This all assumes of course that those people have access to view the

Back when it was announced one would need to sign up for the program to see it, but now it’s open to everyone.

We’ve recently had a chance to test things out.

It doesn’t appear that filtering is included in realtime measurement, so you’ll still need to wait until after midnight to see how the analytics requests fill up filtered report buckets, so you’ll still need to account for time to test and tweak your report filters.

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