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Alchemy, two versions, different support plan

With Adobe splitting out premium features to emphasize their push for the gaming market, one piece of this is how it relates to Alchemy, a way of flash player compiling and executing c/c++ code. It’s awesome because it allows for some super fast executing code; not at native speeds, but much faster than typical flash player. It also allows one to not have to port over tons of c/c++ code to as3.

With the addition of domain memory alchemy has gotten a rework as mentioned. This makes it even faster.

The only downside of this is that the new version is only supported in FP 11.2 and up, while the old version is only supported in FP versions lower than 11.2

This potentially means that one must either force their audience to upgrade or that the developers need to support/architect a project to work with two different versions of flash player.

There’s lots of details about the pricing model of the premium features to keep in mind which could also sway how you use it, but be aware of the potential of needing multiple codebases/flash detections to serve up different content based on what flash player your audience is using.

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