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These are interesting things that we’ve found and collected. They aren’t necessarily noted in order of when they were found.

Semantic Versioning specification.

Looking to create a public API for something? Every wonder about the ways to keep your API compatible? Check out the Semantic Versioning Specification for some thoughts on how to keep yourself from falling into “Dependency Hell.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution campaign

As video games become even more mainstream in entertainment with applications like steam making it almost instant to engage many find that games are pushing the movie metaphor. It used to be some games were based on movies, then more movies based on games, now we find so many games playing like interactive movies (mass effect is a solid example). Also it seems they’ve used the voice of some prominent actors (nothing new, the Command and Conquer franchise has been using familiar movie actors in cut scenes of their game for several iterations). One such game is the latest release to the Deus EX franchise; Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Portal 2 ARG

Portal 2 is the much waited for follow-up to the very successful valve game. This time there’s been infiltration of portal-ish themed elements in 13 different games from independent game vendors. When players complete achievements within these 13 different games; interesting things started to happen.

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Hexagon grids and coordinates

Cartesian grids are fun and all, but sometimes you need a coordinate space that also doesn’t fall into the polar coordinate space. I’ve recently found this and there are several good posts on places to start.

Creating the hex coordinates, converting hex to Cartesian coordinates and back are good places to start. Also checkout this snippet from a cs class talking about working with grids not just from a position standpoint, but for other applications.

Zombie Tycoon

Adobe hosted an experts meeting featuring Frima that created zombie tycoon They have been playing with the 3d molehill APIs adobe is working on and using it to create an awesome 3d gaming experience in flash.

Frameworks: PureMVC

The PureMVC Framework is one that shares the same unified elements no mater just about any language you are coding in and allows for flexible MVC pattern integration for your project.

API: Shoutcast API for radio tuning

The Shoutcast API allows you to traverse genres and find music to listen to.

Data visualization: Fathom

Fathom is a site featuring some data visualization by Ben Fry

Low cost tablet for drawing

Noteslate is a low-cost alternative for drawing and saving drawings.

TUIO for multitouch.

TUIO libraries for converting blobs into touch data for alternative multitouch devices.

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