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jQuery delaying execution and looping.

One thing people need to do is trigger things on a frame by frame basis. You can create multiple timers in actionscript, but there’s potential to lead to memory holes when implemented with setTimeout and setInterval.

If you are tapping into jQuery there’s a great post on handling delays, mostly in the context of delaying a click.

Expounding upon this you can use this to emulate an actionscript timer in a jQuery plugin.

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Jquery plugin development.

If you are looking to develop a jQuery plugin there’s a few resources that are key.
  • jQuery has some recommendations on how to make plugins. This is great to get started and have best practices. It includes thoughts on simpel plugins, exposing only a single function to complex plugins that expose multiple methods and even have private functions that are not accessible. That’s great because otherwise you’d start to clutter up the $.fn variable space. This article is great because it goes through best practices and really hits on chainability, namespacing, events and data(including default values).
  • Learning jQuery has a plugin development pattern as well. This follows the jQuery recommendations, with a more detailed, yet brief, example. It also includes incorporation of the meta data plugin

Semantic Versioning specification.

Looking to create a public API for something? Every wonder about the ways to keep your API compatible? Check out the Semantic Versioning Specification for some thoughts on how to keep yourself from falling into “Dependency Hell.”

Relational data within flash.

Not all projects have complex data requirements, but as the “web 2.0” trend of online applications grows and flash becomes used more for importing complicated sets of data or to represent complex sets of objects more complex methods for importing and transforming data. Continue reading

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