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Flash and socket policy servers

Adobe implemented a security update implemented for socket connections similar in concept to crossdomain policy files. This can have adverse effects on a project.

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Looking into OSMF

We’ve heard a lot of great things about OSMF. After an OSMF workshop at a MAX we’ve started to look into it.

It’s totally a flexible library of controls. There’s a fair amount of documentation and samples out there to pull form and there’s access to all the source code. Here’s our overview.

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Using an adserver for a project part 2

Looks like the design of the site is going to require a more custom approach to the main home page content is going to be needed, however the adserver is going to be used for the main promotion boxes.

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Using an adserver for a project part 1.

I’m working on a project with some smart people. Looks like we are going to use an ad server of some sort to deliver internal promotions. They will end up functioning like advertisements, only ads within the site. A few interesting parts is getting it working within a multilingual authoring environment with region specific content.

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Google analytics provides immediate insight.

I’m working on a project and we are using some Google analytics to take a look at measuring success within a flash piece. It’s important to look at the stats with a critical eye and interpret them correctly.

I’ve worked with Omniture before, but I haven’t had a chance to see what the output of those statistics has shown.

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Gateways for server communication.

Flash allows multiple different ways to load data and content, but if you need to go through and change what server you are on? Make the connection string a variable and pull it in; easy. What about needing to add debugging information to your xml requests? That could be quite difficult on a wide scale application level. Whats a possible solution? Develop a gateway that all server requests go through.

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