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Getting started with Kinect and Flash.

Working with basic Kinect in flash is as easy as working with TUIO in flash. We’ve written a few things to get people started with TUIO and they all apply here.

Before you know it you’ll be making fun things like this:

After you’ve gotten started with TUIO, you’ll need a different application for grabbing/transforming the data from a Kinect into TUIO data that can be consumed by your application.

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TUIO and flash round up.

Need a once stop shop for getting started with TUIO and flash? There’s lots of tutorials out there, but we have a summary of the breadth of content in its relation to flash.

TUIO and flash quick start guide.

Congratulations, either you have an in depth knowledge of TUIO, or you’ve decided to jump right in.

Here’s a high level breakdown to get up and running as fast as possible.

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Bubblebird TUIO library and gestures.

While the bubble bird library is a great implementation of TUIO protocol the gesture system currently has a few gotchas.

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TUIO flash libraries.

There are two mainstream AS3 libraries for interpreting TUIO protocol data and making use of it within flash. Here’s a look at some of their details.

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Getting data from the TUIO tracker into flash

Flash can connect to TUIO data services in one of three ways; TCP, UDP, LocalConnection. Here’s a breakdown of those methods.

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TUIO Overview

TUIO at its core.

In the most simple definition, TUIO is a way of sending a representation of touch points between two applications.

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