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Hollister & Co: app campaigns

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The Hollister & Co sub brand of Abercrombie and Fitch needed help transforming their Android and iOS apps.

When Razorfish was engaged the apps had several features, the goal was to increase the amount of experiences, build for new campaigns and work towards the end game of having all the eCommerce transferred within the app instead of through webviews.

Our developers helped flush out the road map plan of updates to these apps; of course the map shifted along the 9 months of engagement and it required collaboration within the leadership team to keep the plan one that could be sailed by the rest of the team.

Our team also led teams of offshore developers making the updates and working with QA through the testing and release of each cycle; 7 per platform over a 9 month period. Our teams were not just the leadership, they also we in the code reviewing changes and working on features themselves.

  • New navigation structures specific to each platform were put into place, a face lift for each platform.
  • A newly client authored SDK was adopted and replaced functionality that was previously called within the app. We worked with the client to smooth out issues found in the SDK throughout it’s rollout.
  • Consistently architected each new feature to be data driven, so that content can always be updated without the need for full app store releases.
  • Worked with the client to manage all the current data as well as making sure that updates to the data schemas would not interfere with currently available apps.
  • Supporting both the Android and iOS teams application rollouts and release cycles, with the different app store processes.

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