Paratrooper Digital

Hanson Dodge Creative partnered with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to redefine the ultimate in car configurators for Volkswagon.

Initially CP+B worked with a different company to create a configurator for the Volkswagon GTI. They then came to HDC to make a dynamic application even more dynamic and able to configure any of their product lines. As primary frontend architect on the project our team pulled out all the hardcoded cases specifically created for the GTI and engineered a dynamic rules engine that allowed the configurator to work for all other future car cases. As additional rules were developed or found, the dynamic selection network of option nodes would be updated to handle the new cases.

There was also a dynamic multitiered priority load system that was developed to keep the application always loading the right assets and preloading additional assets for other views; no matter what the user selected in their configuration.

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