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Roles our technologists have executed as

Our team has experience in numerous roles across projects. Often our team members are working on multiple projects at once and full fill more than one role on each project. Below is an explanation of what each of those roles are.

Client Facing Technologist

Client facing technologists often have interaction with clients; either the direct client or members from the client’s team.

Technology Consultant

Sometimes projects or pitches only need momentary or limited effort of a subject matter expert. Technology Consultants fill that need.

Technology Lead

A technology lead is the primary point of contact for the technology discipline on a project. They lead teams of developers, partner with architects to design the implementation of the an experiences requirements. They provide documentation, often interface with clients, third party vendors and contractors. They also work with the creative team, quality assurance and project management to ensure the timely, on budget, execution of a project. Depending on project size, some projects may require multiple technology leads on different facets of a project. Technology leads often are advised by technical directors.

Supporting Frontend Architect

While not the primary frontend architect, some projects are complex enough that they warrant a supporting frontend architect. Supporting frontend architects sometimes lead teams or vendors.

Primary Frontend Architect

Primary frontend architects are responsible for the design of how the display layer will bring the creative teams vision to life in an experience. Often they work with a Primary Backend Architect for ensuring proper data services integration. Primary frontend architects commonly lead teams of frontend developers, contractors and third party developers.

Supporting Developer

While supporting developers are not involved in the majority of development of a project, they provide assistance at key moments often helping to push it across into production.

Primary Developer

Primary developers work to do the majority of development, or are on the primary team of development resources, that execute the building of a project.


There are many ways that one can fill the role of a Technologist. This role contains multiple sub roles to help detail specific roles.

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