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Projects where our team members executed as a Supporting Frontend Architect

While not the primary frontend architect, some projects are complex enough that they warrant a supporting frontend architect. Supporting frontend architects sometimes lead teams or vendors.

Johnson & Johnson has an existing infrastructure of applications built on the java framework and Razorfish provided a scratch ecommerce tool for enhancing the experience of ordering contacts online. After an initial release it was determined additional features were required which our team members assisted with.

Accessibility, performance and a responsive experience were key aspects that continued to be developed in wave 2 along with the integration of Acuvue codes. These codes, provided by Optometrists, then simplify the entry of a prescription online.

After the wave 2 release became available, the site went live for public use and additional phases of work continue to promote the site.

The Digital Experience Guidelines project was a whitelabeling of performed in AEM that created a flexible system able to provide consistent branding and quality experiences.

It brought faster migrations, within months of completion 3 sites were replatformed helping CAT to centralize infrastructure and platforms.

The project leveraged 15 current components and 17 templates while creating 30 new components for authors, all while maintaining responsive, internationalized sites that continued with their integrations with systems like product inventory management (PIM).

Business configurations components were created that powered cachable dynamically generated CSS.

AT&T looked to create a store to help people learn, play and experience technology. Among the multiple parties AT&T chose they partnered with Razorfish to create the content and rich experiences to play with.

Out team members helped in multiple ways.

The Connect Wall is an 18 screen wall where people can step up and play a matching game just by walking up. No keyboards, no touch screens, this game utilized the Kinect SDK for game control. Our team members were supporting developers on these application.

The Application Lounge features a set of touch tables for people to sit down at, see recommended apps and save them to their preferences to download later. Out team members supported the development effort to create these tables.

Around the store are a series of video walls that are continuously displaying content. Our team members worked with hardware and third party software partners to get those screens powered and displaying rich high res content. There’s also moments throughout the day where the machines are synchronized and content flows over all the screens, our team helped to facilitate these content takeovers.

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