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Projects where our team members executed as a Supporting Developer

While supporting developers are not involved in the majority of development of a project, they provide assistance at key moments often helping to push it across into production.

Caterpillar: Rental

Caterpillar came to Razorfish with the problem of creating an experience that combines their current with the content around what rental products are available for a location.


Hollister & Co: app campaigns

The Hollister & Co sub brand of Abercrombie and Fitch needed help transforming their Android and iOS apps.

When Razorfish was engaged the apps had several features, the goal was to increase the amount of experiences, build for new campaigns and work towards the end game of having all the eCommerce transferred within the app instead of through webviews.


Drawnetic: SXSW

For the 2013 SXSW festival Razorfish put Drawnetic, an application they had developed for kinetic drawing initially for smartphones, and looked to feature it at an event as a kiosk. A team had created the Drawnetic app, and even updated it so that it could work with a Leap input device, but at that point it needed to still be operated with a mouse and keyboard. Our developers supported this program by modifying the application to not require having a mouse or keyboard by relying on timers, distances and gestures to help reset between users. It was also updated to have newer branding displayed that was more appropriate for the event.

US Cellular: Small/Medium Business

Competing with the other communications companies means always updating. Razorfish helped US Cellular rework the way they help customers understand their small and medium business plans.

From bandwidth usage calculators to plan education materials, updated device listings to promotional materials; the team developed everything US Cellular needed to enhance their small to medium business programs.

On this project our technologists worked directly with the client to understand the business goals and technology requirements. They then worked with the team to vet designs and get a team of developers executing. This project contained mostly front end work; HTML, CSS and JS, but also featured a PHP service for sending marketing related emails.

AT&T Michigan Ave Store

AT&T looked to create a store to help people learn, play and experience technology. Among the multiple parties AT&T chose they partnered with Razorfish to create the content and rich experiences to play with.

Out team members helped in multiple ways.

The Connect Wall is an 18 screen wall where people can step up and play a matching game just by walking up. No keyboards, no touch screens, this game utilized the Kinect SDK for game control. Our team members were supporting developers on these application.

The Application Lounge features a set of touch tables for people to sit down at, see recommended apps and save them to their preferences to download later. Out team members supported the development effort to create these tables.

Around the store are a series of video walls that are continuously displaying content. Our team members worked with hardware and third party software partners to get those screens powered and displaying rich high res content. There’s also moments throughout the day where the machines are synchronized and content flows over all the screens, our team helped to facilitate these content takeovers.

Razorfish: Reception

Celebrating the new Razorfish Chicago office at the Merchandise Mart, shiny technology for the reception area featured a 60″ multitouch screen. But just displaying video isn’t a fair use of the screen. Our team members with the motion team worked together to push experience to the limits with a touch experience that responds to temperature, touch and sound.

Postopia: Camp Dino

Grabbing their cereal boxes for the latest Postoken, kids could venture to the world of Camp Dino for loads of excitement. Multiple games combine with searching for lost camp gear and kids earn merit badges.

Earn them all and fill out your camp book today!

Postopia: Pebbles 3D

Boxes of Post cereal provide Post-Tokens, codes that unlock digital experiences and games. One such game is the race to Mt. Krackatoa. Kids use the 3D goggles that they received in their cereal boxes to play several different types of minigames in a quest to release the volcano of fruity pebbles.

Oreo Double Stuff Racing League

Payton Manning and his brother were the first members of the DRSL, an all out athletic competition of twisting, licking, and dunking.

The site featured games, leaderboards, videos and other content updated numerous times throughout the campaign which went on for multiple years.

After the Manning brothers fought each other the William sisters joined the battle.

Who would be next to join the team? The campaign continued to hype up the celebrity on celebrity competition.

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