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Stamper requests

Love or hate Stamper? Got a thought on how to make it awesome? Leave a comment below. If a request gets selected it will (eventually) be added to this page so we can keep track of what options to consider. Completed requests will featured in the stamper release.

Please post support comments on the support page only.

Below you will also find some of the current requests being looked into.


  • User defined theme ratings.
  • Support for user defined themes.
  • Creating hexagon grid layouts.
  • Add in monitor selection support, choose what screen(s) the screensaver applies to.
  • Image preview in menu.details
  • Preferences to set themes as deactive. Random theme selection bypassed deactive themes.details
  • Saving images generated by the screensaver to local file system.details

Image sources:

  • Webcam input
  • Flickr public feed/search (ability to set multiple feeds/searches?)
  • Picassa public feed/search (ability to set multiple feeds/searches?)
  • RSS feed(ability to set multiple feeds/searches?)
  • User local images (point to a public local folder)

Themes: (limited to non copyrighted material; or allowed content)

  • Transportation theme: road signs
  • Geometric
    • Hexagon based themes; hexagon grid layout, cubes
    • Pixel themes; rectilinear layout, small/medium/large, overlapping
  • Cartoon themes
  • Weather themes
  • Nature themes; fall, winter, spring, summer, etc
  • Holiday themes; Christmas, Valentines day, St. Patrick’s day, etc

And certain points that don’t make the cut, with their reasoning.

  • Bluring the stamps: when you crank up the number of stamps per minute it can bring a machine to its knees; perhaps with some checks to only apply under certain circumstances it may be revisited.

Stamper screensaver