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Stamper shoutouts

We wrote the code that makes stamper happen, but there’s various elements that have helped to make that happen. Below is a list of shoutouts to those things. Some are for technical libraries, some are for assets released on creative commons.

Note that Stamper is free and not meant to produce revenue, since most of the creative commons for assets used are require providing a mention of the original this is a list to recognize those sources. We also recognize other sources too, even if they were purchased or not required. Please see our stance on donations.

Shoutouts are distributed with Stamper, but this page contains the latest set of shoutouts. All shoutouts are listed alphabetically.

If you think a shoutout is needed or a shoutout is incorrect leave it in the comments below.


Who What Since version Until version
Adobe Flash and Flex 0 current
Hype Hype framework 0 current
Screentime Screensaver software 0 current


Who What Since version Until version
Chad Trutt Digging people vectors 0 current
Gavin Elliot Airplane vectors 0 current
Harpers Ferry Center Map symbols 0 current
Jory Raphael Drink vectors 0 current
Oliver13 Super hero and heroine vectors 0 current
Paul Viluda Mythical animals vectors 0 current
Scorp1 Paint stroke vectors 0 current
Thegoldenmane Helicopter vectors 0 current
Unidentified Circles 0 current
Unidentified Boxes 0 current

Stamper screensaver