Paratrooper Digital

Stamper support

Oh no! this probably means for some reason you are having a problem/question on getting Stamper to work on your system, or you want to help other people get theirs to work.

If you have thoughts for ways to make Stamper cooler; post requests for Stamper here.

Below you might find some commonly found questions and answers and what systems Stamper has been tested on.

  • Stamper wont run.
    The most likely reason is that you don’t have the needed version of flash. Check the release page for the minimum flash version needed for the version of Stamper.
  • Stamper runs slowly.
    Typically the setting for how many draws (found by draws per layer update and layer updates per minute) determine how many operations Stamper performs. Stamper’s performance is also based on resolution as well as hoe many monitors its running on. Lowering rate of update, computer resolution, and restricting output to a single monitor are options for increasing performance.
  • How do I close Stamper?
    In addition to the close button in far right of the top bar at any time one can hit the escape key on their keyboard to close the screensaver.

Stamper screensaver