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There are some tools that are known to be necessary as a flash/flex/air developer. One of these tools has always been Flash Tracer. FlashTracer is a firefox plugin that displays anything output through a trace(); to a panel. Awesome! This means seeing whats really happening behind the scenes. But what if you have to test in ie? What if the newest version of firefox gets released and you need to upgrade, but flash tracer isn’t updated yet?

That’s where output panel comes in. OutputPanel is an Adobe AIR app that allows asynchronous file reading from the flashlog.txt file.

Version Log:

0.1 alpha

  • Reads default options and saves them to a local database.
  • On close saves the current position on screen.
  • On open sets the current position to last known position.
  • On close saves the current dimensions on screen.
  • On open sets the current dimensions to last known dimensions.
  • Added autoScroll to end of panel.
  • Options tab allows manual setting the path to your flashlog.txt

Future Plans

  • Add integrated step by step instructions for getting output panel up and running.
  • Add filter for turning on/off warnings.
  • Add scrollback limit.
  • Fix autoscroll back for all cases
  • Add user definable RegExp filters to filter content that gets displayed.
  • Add user definable RegExp filters that style content in the output panel.
  • Add localization support.
  • Add ability to stop feedback.
  • Add ability to start feedback.
  • Add button for clearing panel.
  • Add ability to save output to text file.
  • Add optimization
  • Confirm support for PC.
  • Confirm support for MAC.
  • Confirm support for Linux.

Get it up and running:

  • Install the OutputPanel AIR application from the badge above(coming soon)
  • Download and install the flash debug players from Adobe
  • Set the path to the flashlog.txt file.
  • Test (goto a site that outputs via trace).
  • Create a mm.cfg file if needed.
  • Test, if needed.
  • Reboot, if needed.
  • Test, if needed.

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