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Technologies our team has executed with

Our team has experience with numerous technologies. They are smart thinkers that have the skills to learn whatever is needed for a project. Here's a list of technologies they've executed with. Select a technology entry to explore projects that feature that technology.

Core Data

Core Data is an iOS framework for a relational object database. Powerful, it can save and retrieve objects and handle database upgrade processes.

Backbone JS

Backbone is a Javascript toolkit for building MVC applications client side.


SASS is a CSS preprocessor similar to LESS. It is used as the CSS preprocessor of choice used by the Foundation framework.


LESS is a CSS preprocessor that allows for mixins and variables, it’s the CSS preprocessor of choice used by Twitter and Bootstrap is built using LESS.

Adobe Experience Manager (Day CQ)

Adobe Experience Manager is the latest name for CMS platform formerly known as Day CQ.


Platforms are a set of installable software that are purchased and configured rather than building enterprise applications from scratch. Typically they contain, but are not limited to: eCommerce and CMS systems.


Bootstrap is a responsive LESS based framework for rapid prototyping of sites.


Android is the Google platform for mobile devices; phones and wearables like watches and glass.


iOS is a platform for creation of iPhone and iPad devices from Apple.


Java is an object oriented compiled programming language that runs on billions of devices. In addition to fueling numerous servers it also serves as the foundation for Android development.

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