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Projects where our team members executed with Actionscript 1 (AS1)

Actionscript 1 is the first generation of scripting available for the flash platform. While Actionscript had rudimentary functions to call from the get go, flash player 4 was the first flash player that supported more advanced features. Actionscript 1 was an untyped highly loosely typed language based on Javascript. Typically coded directly within the flash actions panel, includes allowed basic externalization of procedural code.

Media campaigns happen all the time, but this one was different. Ritz wanted to share how they are all about fun, even if you are not at a party; this is how they connect people. This specific campaign was all about connect 4. The campaign allowed people to play the game against a computer or against another player; in banner on various sites, because fun.

To support this we needed to utilize a flash media server and create the banners, game logic, single player opponent logic as well as the server side logic for rooms and mapping multiple players together.

Lance Armstrong has been seen as one of the largest names in competitive biking. Along his path to earn multiple Tour de France competition’s Trek Bikes looked to follow him along his training.

Our developers worked to create a flash experience that replicated an answering machine. People could check different messages that Lance would leave along the way.

By creating this experience to be dynamically updated with a data feed, updates could be quickly rolled out by adding an additional media file and updating the feed. This allowed the campaign to thrive providing the most up to date information as the audience followed Lance on his journey to make Tour de France history.

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