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Projects where our team members executed with Extensible Markup Language (XML)

XML is one of the foundation formats for data transmission. Touted as humanly readable, sometimes it can be bloated in size.

Oscar Mayer makes food that brings people together, but it’s not just about food, it’s the feelings when people come together; and about giving back. Oscar Mayer teamed up with Feeding America to help hungry people. People visited and entered what made them feel good. For every statement, Oscar Mayer made a contribution.

This campaign allowed people to browse a gallery of happy moments shared by thousands and thousands of people.

Media campaigns happen all the time, but this one was different. Ritz wanted to share how they are all about fun, even if you are not at a party; this is how they connect people. This specific campaign was all about connect 4. The campaign allowed people to play the game against a computer or against another player; in banner on various sites, because fun.

To support this we needed to utilize a flash media server and create the banners, game logic, single player opponent logic as well as the server side logic for rooms and mapping multiple players together.

Grabbing their cereal boxes for the latest Postoken, kids could venture to the world of Camp Dino for loads of excitement. Multiple games combine with searching for lost camp gear and kids earn merit badges.

Earn them all and fill out your camp book today!

Boxes of Post cereal provide Post-Tokens, codes that unlock digital experiences and games. One such game is the race to Mt. Krackatoa. Kids use the 3D goggles that they received in their cereal boxes to play several different types of minigames in a quest to release the volcano of fruity pebbles.

Hanson Dodge Creative partnered with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to redefine the ultimate in car configurators for Volkswagon.

Initially CP+B worked with a different company to create a configurator for the Volkswagon GTI. They then came to HDC to make a dynamic application even more dynamic and able to configure any of their product lines. As primary frontend architect on the project our team pulled out all the hardcoded cases specifically created for the GTI and engineered a dynamic rules engine that allowed the configurator to work for all other future car cases. As additional rules were developed or found, the dynamic selection network of option nodes would be updated to handle the new cases.

There was also a dynamic multitiered priority load system that was developed to keep the application always loading the right assets and preloading additional assets for other views; no matter what the user selected in their configuration.

Wolverine boots promoted their products by featuring an ad in Sports Illustrated’s yearly swimsuit edition.

Along with the photoshoots, a microsite supported related content; Wolverine branded desktops, videos and photo’s from the shoot, as well as send to a friend with custom emails so people could share with their friends.

Projectone is Trekbikes custom bike builder service. From mid to highend, customize the various layers of paint, color and patterns, various parts and part packages (specific to each frame), name engravings.

All data on customizable features was externalized allowing control of the features and content of application from supporting backend services., an international site; for not just bikes, but biking lifestyle needed a facelift. The site combined html with several flash experiences which were completely configurable with XML. This allowed for the internationalization, motion, and content to all be customized for each different aspect of biking lifestyle.

Burton Snowboards revolutionized the industry by creating snowboards that were customized for their rider.

Choose a size, a shape, a pattern, and then onto each layer. Boards contained 2 to 6 layers and multiple colors per to select for each layer.

Releases across 3 years added support for text layers, choosing a font and font colors and eventually allowed for people to upload pictures and position various graphic elements of layers.

Lance Armstrong has been seen as one of the largest names in competitive biking. Along his path to earn multiple Tour de France competition’s Trek Bikes looked to follow him along his training.

Our developers worked to create a flash experience that replicated an answering machine. People could check different messages that Lance would leave along the way.

By creating this experience to be dynamically updated with a data feed, updates could be quickly rolled out by adding an additional media file and updating the feed. This allowed the campaign to thrive providing the most up to date information as the audience followed Lance on his journey to make Tour de France history.

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