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Projects where our team members executed with Google Analytics

If nothing else most applications can benefit from a global Google Analytics tag in the footer of the page. Google Analytics also allows for more dynamic site integration as well; for experiences with more than just page refreshes.

Sometimes a wonderdrug comes along that has the potential to change the world, that’s PReP. But if people don’t know about it, how can it succeed in dramatically lowering the risk of HIV? A risqué campaign featuring bus ads and a website for high level information.

Since launching the call center has reported massive increases in calls for people requesting more information. It’s people calling that are seeing the campaign and calling to learn more.

Programs in South Africa reached out to our client to help understand making such a successful campaign. The client will also be presenting the campaign success at a world renown conference.

Celebrating the new Razorfish Chicago office at the Merchandise Mart, shiny technology for the reception area featured a 60″ multitouch screen. But just displaying video isn’t a fair use of the screen. Our team members with the motion team worked together to push experience to the limits with a touch experience that responds to temperature, touch and sound.

Oscar Mayer makes food that brings people together, but it’s not just about food, it’s the feelings when people come together; and about giving back. Oscar Mayer teamed up with Feeding America to help hungry people. People visited and entered what made them feel good. For every statement, Oscar Mayer made a contribution.

This campaign allowed people to browse a gallery of happy moments shared by thousands and thousands of people.

Everyone loves Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, but sometimes people are on the go; EasyMac is just the thing to have that favorite taste in a few moments. Kraft needed help marketing this product and teamed up with Razorfish for the web presence.

A flash experience enabled people to learn more about not just the original flavor but the steamy deliciousness of other flavors. A ground breaking 3D microsite mixed with video got people excited for these new products.

Boxes of Post cereal provide Post-Tokens, codes that unlock digital experiences and games. One such game is the race to Mt. Krackatoa. Kids use the 3D goggles that they received in their cereal boxes to play several different types of minigames in a quest to release the volcano of fruity pebbles.

Payton Manning and his brother were the first members of the DRSL, an all out athletic competition of twisting, licking, and dunking.

The site featured games, leaderboards, videos and other content updated numerous times throughout the campaign which went on for multiple years.

After the Manning brothers fought each other the William sisters joined the battle.

Who would be next to join the team? The campaign continued to hype up the celebrity on celebrity competition.

Before IoT Johnson Outdoors worked to release a product that records your jumps, air times and more. The only way to improve your jumps is to train for higher jumps having data in your pocket.

This microsite detailed the components of the device, it’s features and capabilities, as well as marketting videos and demo videos. Testing the device involved throwing a frozen turkey off a 3rd story balcony.

Trek came out with a new bike. The lime was a cruiser that was simpler, cleaner and people could choose the accent colors of the bike.

This new bike needed a microsite to promote the new features of the bike.

Projectone is Trekbikes custom bike builder service. From mid to highend, customize the various layers of paint, color and patterns, various parts and part packages (specific to each frame), name engravings.

All data on customizable features was externalized allowing control of the features and content of application from supporting backend services., an international site; for not just bikes, but biking lifestyle needed a facelift. The site combined html with several flash experiences which were completely configurable with XML. This allowed for the internationalization, motion, and content to all be customized for each different aspect of biking lifestyle.

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