Paratrooper Digital

Projects where our team members executed with Action Message Format (AMF)

The AMF format was developed by Adobe for binary transfer of objects in a format that mirrors the binary format of native flash objects. AMF allows for record pulls which can retrieve and transfer thousands of records in a much smaller size. This commonly allows flash and flex applications to pull more data; faster.

Ritz: Connect 4 fun

Media campaigns happen all the time, but this one was different. Ritz wanted to share how they are all about fun, even if you are not at a party; this is how they connect people. This specific campaign was all about connect 4. The campaign allowed people to play the game against a computer or against another player; in banner on various sites, because fun.

To support this we needed to utilize a flash media server and create the banners, game logic, single player opponent logic as well as the server side logic for rooms and mapping multiple players together.

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